San Diego, CA – OPTYO LLC, the Creative Incubator helping bring innovative Products and Brands to Market, today announces that it has partnered with the inventive brand Multi MIT, the world’s most versatile work gloves, to help build and expand its reach and influence digitally through exclusive online mediums. 

Through this strategic partnership, OPTYO and Multi MIT look to take the international glove market by storm in 2020 with the most innovative and versatile work gloves ever to hit the market. Beginning January, OPTYO will be preparing to build out the most extensive online platforms used for the sole promotion and sales conversion of Multi MIT and related products. 

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Multi MIT! From the moment we were introduced to John Mack we knew he was the type of Creator & Entrepreneur that we would love to work with!” said Stephen Sorg, OPTYO Founder & CEO. Multi MIT has spent a year plus exhausting the Retail space and finally come to a front where that avenue no longer seemed applicable and in which John Mack, Founder of Multi MIT came across the OPTYO Team. “Multi MIT has shown to have extreme interest by consumers in the work glove space, however, has been promoted and advertised in the wrong avenues, therefore, our Team is excited to bring Multi MIT to the digital space!”. 

John Mack, Founder & CEO of Multi MIT shared his mutual excitement regarding this business partnership, “I have been searching for a Digital Media Partner for the last year and nothing felt right. A business friend of mine suggested that I reach out to Stephen Sorg and the Team over at OPTYO and when we spoke I felt that there was an instant understanding of how to scale this on a digital front! I had so much confidence in their expertise and guidance that I offered them ownership of this highly lucrative brand!” 


OPTYO is a creative incubator located in San Diego, California dedicated to helping bring products and brands to market through our innovative practices of providing Entrepreneurs and Products Developers a one stop shop to bring their products or ideas to reality in a scalable and targeted manner. Our hands on approach is different from all other near competitors, our team of experienced professionals encompass the fields of Technical Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Online Sales, Advertising, Content Creation, Financial Planning, Account & Bookkeeping, and Business Development. 

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About Multi MIT

We have invented and patented the most versatile work gloves on the market today.  Multi MIT has several patented features that set it apart from all the other utility gloves in the retail world. The unique flip the tip feature allows the middle index and thumb fingers to retract to  expose the fingers for maximum dexterity without compromising full hand protection.
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