Who are we? We are a diverse group of highly inspired Specialists who are committed to your success! With our combined collection of backgrounds, we are able to provide Clients with elite services encompassing the entire scopes of Technical, Marketing, and New Business Development Consulting services.

Our mission is provide our Clients a one stop shop for any technical, marketing or business consulting services, the ideal for OPTYO came out of the frustration of having to outsource every piece of technical and marketing materials that were beyond the scope of the Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur. With having little say in the final product and a very open timeline for delivery of request products, we felt there needed to be a better way, which gave birth to the concept of OPTYO. Dozens of extremely satisfied Clients later, we have seen the importance of having this platform available to any new Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, or Self-employed Individuals who are overwhelmed by the fields of Technical Services and Marketing but can’t afford to hire an entire Marketing and IT team. Our goal is to constantly push the barriers of reach, striving to provide our Clients with every need possible that they could think of with the very best quality and professionalism!   Our approach regarding availability allow us to surpass any competitors and stay on our pioneering track! Our Team of Specialists are motivated by your and your business’s success, we won’t rest until we feel that we’ve provided you with the very best in quality and customer service!

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Your content and satisfaction matters most, and needs to be the priority at all times. This happens with our pioneering framework.

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Meet Your New Friends, The OPTYO Gurus.

Stephen Sorg Founder, President, & Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Sorg is the Founder, President, and CEO of OPTYO; creating the company back while he was still attending College at San Diego State University, he build out his entrepreneurial vision of providing convenience and ease to those building out their businesses from the ground up. As a serial Entrepreneur, Stephen is currently working on expanding OPTYO to all parts of Southern California, while also founding two other BioTechnology companies, ReeHub and EXXOSuit Inc., both of which are located in Southern California as well. Stephen holds degrees and certifications in Computer Science, Adaptive Physiology, Physics, and BioChemistry.
Andre Hale Chief Marketing Officer & Digital Marketing Director
Andre brings immense experience in the fields of Marketing and Business through his years involved with other Startups as well as successfully running his own Companies. Andre’s impressive background of Marketing expertise and Business Development allows us to enthusiastically named him OPTYO’s Chief Marketing Officer. Andre has previously worked as the CMO & CFO for Rosey, an education platform that incorporated AI technology, as well as sits as the Founder & CEO for SwiftChange, a mobile app digitizing change.
Junior LeosoDirector of Sales and Operations
Born & raised in Hawaii, Junior has lived all over the world. His life and professional experience has led him to San Diego where he has founded successful companies and lead by example as a leading figure head in the digital space for up and coming brands. Junior steps into his role as the Director of Sales and Business Operations, bringing his vast experience in Online Sales & Advertising, Social Media, and Business Development to the OPTYO Team. Junior’s visionary and innovative approach allows him to be an invaluable asset not only to the OPTYO but to all the clients we represent.
Chris ChenSr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Chris Chen is the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at OPTYO, a Student at San Diego State University, majoring Accounting and minoring in Information Systems. Chris has always had a creative and entrepreneurial side through his various side businesses throughout college. Chris joins OPTYO and brings a vast amount of creative experience through his elite photography and design skills as well as immense account and finance experience to aid New Business Clients in need of streamline services and direction in the fields of accounting and financial setup.
Sean Daugherty Chief Operating Officer & Creative Content Director
Sean brings massive experience in the fields of Videography and Digital Marketing through his years in Entertainment and online Marketing. In addition, Seans impressive background of operations and leadership experience translates over to being named OPTYO’s Chief Operations Officer. Sean has successfully operated his own companies, as well as notably creating the Film and Production departments at local San Diego Junior Colleges. His stunning vision for projects and company growth makes him a huge value to our team!
Marco JaraSenior Global Ambassador
Originally from the bay area, Marco graduated from the University of Redlands, and moved to San Diego to be a part of OPTYO. Marco has worked with many different clients in an array of industries and with that he understands that each client has their own unique needs. He has helped create and promote different brands in their respective industries. In addition, Marco has a passion for customer service and has always represented his clients positively. With all of this, Marco joins OPTYO as the Senior Global Ambassador.
Pearson BlackSenior Developer
Jon HebertCreative Content Producer
Kenny JenkinsCreative Content Producer
Brittany BurkettCreative Content Producer
Paola TorresCreative Content Producer
Kelsey JohnstonGraphic Designer

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We are here to be Your Entrepreneurial Muse and Motivation! Stop Pushing Off Your Goals because you feel that you lack the necessary Requirements. With OPTYO Your have a Business Partner, Creative Mind, Innovative Visionary, and a Supportive Friend!

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We Foster a Collaborative and Creative Environment Every Day. Successfully Paired With Our Diverse Team of Innovative, Outside the Box Thinkers.

We Are Innovative

Constantly Pushing the Boundaries of Reach and Influence. Our Goal is to Provide you with Every Service You Could Imagine.

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