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OPTYO’s Incubator and Accelerator programs provide innovative products and brands the tools and resources to dramatically scale.

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Our Method to Success

Upon submitting your company or product, your application will be assessed by OPTYO’s team of experts. If your application is accepted, our team will develop a custom roadmap of clear next steps and scaling tactics with key milestones.

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Our Programs are for you if…

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  • You have an innovative product with sales but need a team with experience in the digital space to properly scale and grow your brand.
  • You have a product prototype and need a team to guide you in the direction of manufacturing and launching.

  • You have an innovative product idea but are unsure of how to develop or get your business off the ground.

Our Unique Method for Strategically Scaling Products in the Digital Marketplace


Determine and prepare the digital assets that need to be created and/or re-designed before preparing your product for Active Campaigns.

  • Technical Development & Design

  • Brand Development

  • Digital Content Design

  • Digital Funnel Design

  • Distribution & Fulfillment Determined

  • And more…


Developing your complete marketing strategy and design for initial active campaigns. This Pre-Launch phase is where our experience in campaign design is implemented.

  • Initial Strategy Design

  • Campaign Creative Design

  • Order Fulfillment & Distribution Preparations

  • Merchant & Processing Synced & Tested

  • And more…


Launch your initial digital campaigns on pre-determined platforms and channels – this phase entails extreme brand growth, increased sales, and overall long-term strategy determinations.

  • Single Channel Advertising

  • Re-Targeting Campaigns

  • Email Follow Up Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy

  • And More…


Once specific campaign metrics are reached and results surpass projections, our Team adjusts to dramatically scale products through a strategic approach. This entails incorporating multi-channel advertising, newly design creatives, affiliate and influencer marketing, scaled distribution channels, and more..

  • Increase Reach & Audiences

  • New Creative Development

  • Multi-Channel Campaigns

  • Partnerships & Distributors

  • And more…

This Proven Strategy Leads To A Faster Go To Market Time And An Accelerated Growth Rate

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A word from Stephen Sorg,
Founder & CEO

“Our Incubator & Accelerator programs address the major pain points inventors have when digitally scaling their products…

As an Inventor, how great would it feel removing those handcuffs that are limiting you from truly growing? 

Tired of those growing pains and wearing too many hats, which eventually stall growth and productivity?

These major pain points affect every Inventor and Creator, regardless of what stage they are at, and now theres a solution to completely pivot away from those pitfalls and major obstacles, and that solution is OPTYO.

OPTYO’s mission is to act a Product Ecosystem, providing Inventors all the tools and resources to dramatically scale their products in the digital marketplace.

We’ve spent years developing relationships and partnerships with those critical entities in the product space and as a result have formed an all-in-one ecosystem for our clients – OPTYO’s partners include Product Developers, International Manufacturing Representatives, IP and Patent Attorneys, Crowdfunding Experts, a Digital Production Team, and Order Fulfillment and Distribution professionals.

We have worked with Inventors and Products from the early stages of Ideation, all the way to stages of Acquisition – these experiences fostered the development and growth of our two main programs, OPTYO’s Incubator and Accelerator.”

Ready to grow your product?

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A word from Junior Leoso,
Co-Founder & Business Acquisitions Lead

“As a lifelong entrepreneur, I know first hand how tough it can be to turn your ideas, into a real business…

As a young business minded Fitness Trainer and Owner, I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship. But, not in the typical sense. You see, growing up I never knew anyone who owned anything, let alone an actual business. I assumed that was something only “rich people” had.

As I was able to learn more about the process through courses and clinics, spending time with mentors, and actually going through the business building journey myself… I realized this is something anyone could do, as long as they had the right team on their side.

This is where OPTYO comes in. OPTYO is a full service business accelerator, built with you in mind. We specifically cater to those who have great work ethic, strong passion, and truly want to see their idea come to life. If you have these qualities, we have the ability to handle the rest.

With over 70+ satisfied clients, and over a decade of experience, we can help you take your idea to market!”

It’s time to scale up your idea!

Fill out our free application and a Team member will follow up to coordinate a call.

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Successfully scaling products in the digital marketplace since 2018.

San Diego, CA |

Product success representations above are aspirational statements only of your potential. These results will vary depending on a variety of factors including your work ethic, determination, and circumstances. We in no way guarantee you will get the same results. If you would like an accurate depiction of what YOUR results could be, take our quiz and chat with our team.